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  • Code4Green: An conline code generation  tool for 4GL languages. Languages like C#, Java, SQL, ASP.net are supported and it generates the Presentation layer, Businesss Layer, and  Data Layer. This tool will do 60-70% coding  for your projects without any human error.
  • Content Management System: Helps you create and manage your Intranet/Internet applications and web sites easily and quickly.
  • Mortgage Broker Portal: A portal for mortgage brokers to create their basic mortgage application in just a few minutes online. They can export the mortgage 1003 file to use into any other mortgage software.
  • Real Estate Broker Portal: A web portal for real estate brokers.
  • Loan Management System: A Desktop and web based LMS system to manage the full life cycle of your loans (from origination to secondary market)
  • Realtime Tracking: A software application to track your door-to-door delivery business.
  • Healthcare Software: Healthcare tools for Hospital Management
  • Lead Management Software:  An Online Health Insurance Lead system to collect  and manage health insurance leads
  • CRM for small business:  Web-based CRM to manage your customers online.





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